Publication Ethics of the Information Bulletin of the Czech Statistical Society

The prevention of publication malpractice belongs among the most important priorities and responsibilities of the Editorial Board of the Information Bulletin of the Czech Statistical Society (IB). Any kind of unethical behavior is not acceptable. Plagiarism in any form is not tolerated. Authors submitting articles affirm that their manuscript contents are original papers. The below mentioned principles are binding to all parties participating in the publication of Information Bulletin of the Czech Statistical Society.

Authors bear responsibilities:

  • They compile draft in accordance with the Guide for Authors published on the website of the Society.
  • By the submission of draft to the Editorial Board they ensure:
  1. the manuscript has not been issued elsewhere,
  2. the manuscript has not been submited elsewhere concurrently,
  3. the manuscript is the original work of the authors, appropriate citation of all previsously published works and all sources,
  4. in case of manuscript with several authors, the corresponding authors is responsible to be mentioned and their permission with the co-authorship and the publication of the manuscript,
  5. the research was conducted by ethical standards common in given field,
  6. the confidentiality of the individual data is not breached during the data collection and publishing on the research.
  • They correct manuscript by the comments of the reviewers, or they provide explanation to the reviewers why they do not accept the comments.

Editors bear responsibilities

  • They ensure two indepedent reviews. The Editorial Board has right to reject the manuscript without review, if they have well-founded suscpion of ignoring Guide for Authors and Publication Ethics. In this case the Editorial Board provides the explanation of the reasons of rejection to the authors. Authors has right to resubmit the manuscript with the explanation to the Editorial Board.
  • They mediate communication of authors and reviewers.
  • They safeguard anonymity of the reviewers.
  • They decide about the publication of the manuscript.
  • They decide on the contents of the journal issues.

Reviewers bear responsibilities:

  • They keep information regarding manuscript confidential.
  • They complete an impartial review of manuscript by their best knowledge. If they know any obstacle of impartiality, they decline review.
  • They can use Review Form recomended by the Editorial Board.