We are publishing:

  • original scientific articles based on the authors‘ own research,
  • original overview articles from all areas of statistics (mathematical and applied statistics, data analysis, economic statistics, biostatistics, technical and computational statistics),
  • contributions related to teaching stochastics,
  • short reports and news relating to activities of the Czech Statistical Society.

The newsletter of the Czech Statistical Society (Informational bulletin) has been published regularly four times a year since 1990. Papers are published in Czech, Slovak or English. Occasionally an extraordinary Czech or English issue is published.

The name of the journal is the Information Bulletin of the Czech Statistical Society.
The publisher of the journal: the Czech Statistical Society
IČ: 00550795
Address: Na padesátém 81, 100 82 Praha 10

The journal’s ISSN is 1210-8022 (Print) and 1804-8617 (Online).

The journal is distributed for free to all the members of the society. It is also supplied to scientific libraries and a number of foreign institutions, mainly in Slovakia. Others can download it from the society’s website with some delay.

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