Statistical Days

Brief History of the Statistical Days

The Czech Statistical Society has been organising the Statistical Days since 1995. This conference is dedicated to both theoretical statisticians and experienced professionals, who use statistical methods. The conference is organised in different locations of the Czech Republic, so that statisticians from different regions can present their research results and discuss current statistical problems.

The aim of these meetings is also to ameliorate the statistical education in the Czech Republic. Since the Statistical Days are usually organised by the department of mathematics or statistics of a university that is situated in the region, where the conference is taking place, part of the meetings are dedicated to topics related to teaching of statistics at universities.

The active participants of the Statistical Days prepare their papers and these are then published on the pages of the Information Bulletin, which can be viewed or downloaded here.

Another part of the Statistical meetings is dedicated to presentation of firms that are distributing the statistical software in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless, the most pleasant part of the Statistical Days are considered to be the social evenings with music. 

2.11.1994                Olomouc

7.2.1996                  Ostrava

28. – 29.5.1997      Liberec

16. – 17.9.1998      České Budějovice

20. – 21.6.2000    Ostrava

21. – 22.6.2001     Hradec Králové

15. – 16.9.2004     Hradec Králové

27. – 28.6.2006     Brno

22. – 23.9.2009     Hradec Králové

2. – 3.9.2010          Brno

3. – 5.6.2012          Nové Hrady

26. – 29.9.2013     Brejlov

23.6.2014                Ústí nad Labem